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Unofficial Results From Tuesday’s Municipal Election

November 5th, 2019

Municipal Election 2019 will go down in history for the debut of the new state-mandated voting machines with a paper-ballot generation feature. Following are the unofficial results as reported to the Potter County Board of Elections, with all 32 voting districts reporting:

Judge of Superior Court: Amanda Green-Hawkins (D) 874, Daniel D. McCaffery (D)  865, Megan McCarthy King (R) 3,204, Christylee Peck (R) 3,047

Potter County Commissioner (3 seats): Barry Hayman (D) 1,463, Paul W. Heimel (R) 3,257, Nancy J. Grupp (R) 3,234

Potter County Sheriff: Glenn C. Drake II (R) 3,929

Potter County Treasurer: Krista M. Miller (R) 4,026

Potter County Register & Recorder: Nicole F. Larsen (R) 4,060

Potter County Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts: Kathy Schroeder (R) 4,076

Potter County Board of Auditors (3 seats): Michele L. Gledhill (D) 1,255, Jeannie Stuckey (R) 3,509, Pauline A. Kleintop (R) 3,067

Judge of Superior Court Anne E. Lazarus: Yes 2,525, No 1,179

Judge of Superior Court Judy Olson: Yes 2,639, No 1,007

Judge of Commonwealth Court Kevin Brobson: Yes 2,549, No 1,064

Judge of Commonwealth Court Patricia A. McCullough: Yes 2,618, No 974

Judge of Court of Common Pleas Stephen P. B. Minor: Yes 3,254, No 694

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