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Potter County To Revise Land Development Ordinance

January 5th, 2022

Potter County Planning Commission will be updating and revising the county’s Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (SALDO) in the coming months. Commissioners Nancy Grupp, Barry Hayman and Paul Heimel were informed this week that the county has been awarded a $16,845 state grant to help pay for the services of a professional consultant who will guide local decision-makers. Planning Director Will Hunt will spearhead the project. Recommendations by the Planning Commission and its consultant will eventually be submitted to the commissioners for adoption. Public input opportunities will be announced.

Much of the advance work has already been completed, thanks to the development of the Potter County Comprehensive Plan 2020-29. That detailed document reflects input from hundreds of county residents — many of whom served on focus groups and other panels — in developing priorities and values for community and economic development of Potter County during the decade. A copy of the plan is available online here.

Through the SALDO, the county government regulates land development within a framework dictated by state legislation. Goal of the ordinance is to protect public health and safety, maintain community standards, avoid conflicting land uses, and support orderly growth and economic development. Potter County’s SALDO has not undergone a thorough revision in more than a decade. Its revisions will reflect recent statutory changes and case law, as well as land development needs and regulatory practices. Plan review and enforcement practices need to be matched to current administrative capacity and updated for users. Planning Commission members, appointed by the commissioners, are Rance Baxter (chair), Joe Ayers III, Mike Thierfelder, Katie Sasala, Bob Wicker, Curt Weinhold and Helen Turner.

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