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Jail Board Expresses Appreciation To Corrections Officers

May 2nd, 2022

Potter County Jail Board expresses its appreciation to the officers of the county jail during National Correctional Officers Week, May 1-7, 2022, During this week, we recognize officers who exemplify professionalism, integrity and strength in the face of a difficult and often dangerous work environment.

Correctional officers have a thankless job, but play a vital role in the criminal justice system. They keep our communities safe. Too often, they are portrayed negatively by the media and Hollywood. We should all work hard to change that narrative. Corrections staff might be hidden behind jail walls, but when their shift is over, many of them are a visible force for good in their communities, whether they’re coaching youth sports, fighting a fire, or otherwise volunteering their time to serve and improve communities.

Since 1984, the first full week of May has been recognized as National Correctional Officers Week. In his proclamation that year, President Ronald Reagan stated, “The important work of Correctional Officers often does not receive the recognition from the public it deserves.” He added that the job continues to grow more complicated and demanding. Correctional workers continue to fulfill the mission with dedication and integrity because public safety far outweighs the risks. And, they do so without any expectation of recognition or praise.

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