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Heroin Epidemic Documented In Latest Report

September 28th, 2017

Some eye-opening statistics on the local drug epidemic were shared during a presentation to Potter County Commissioners Doug Morley, Paul Heimel and Susan Kefover. Colleen Wilber, director of drug and alcohol services for the county, confirmed that abuse of opiods – including heroin – has eclipsed alcohol in referrals to her agency. She hastened to add that alcohol abuse remains a serious problem. There has been a significant increase in heroin overdoses in Potter County, some of them fatal, Wilber said.

She pointed out that a larger proportion of clients than ever, some 89 percent, are being referred by the criminal justice system for addiction assessment and treatment. Other are through self-reporting or being referred by Children and Youth Services. While opioid use and abuse is pervasive, she added, her office has noticed an increase in the diagnosis of methamphetamine as a primary drug of choice, as well as a consistent rate of chronic marijuana use. Wilber detailed a series of steps her agency and the court system have been taking to address addiction issues, ranging from treatment courts and evidenced-based school programs, to prescription take-back boxes and making more effective use of data collection and analysis.

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