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County Commissioners Confer With Rep. Causer

February 10th, 2017

Rep. Martin Causer (second from left) discusses state government issues with (from left) Commissioners Doug Morley, Paul Heimel and Susan Kefover.

State Representative Martin Causer spent most of Thursday morning discussing a wide variety of timely issues with the Potter County Board of Commissioners. He pledged his support for continuation of the shale gas drilling “impact fee,” which has provided townships, boroughs and the county government with significant revenue that would otherwise have to be generated by the real estate tax. Rep. Causer also said he is eager to be involved in any efforts being pursued locally to prevent¬†two major mergers in the telecommunications industry from causing job losses at two Coudersport employers. Additionally, he reiterated his support for the Rural Regional College of Northern Pennsylvania.

Much of the discussion focused on Governor Tom Wolf’s 2017-18 fiscal year budget proposal and the significant issues lawmakers will have to address to achieve upwards of $3¬†billion in spending cuts or revenue generation the governor has called for to balance the $32.3 billion plan. The commissioners urged Rep. Causer to push for adequate state funding for the myriad of human services that county governments are mandated to provide. An indiscriminate 10-percent cut in state funds several years ago has continued to burden county taxpayers and all signs point to an increasing demand for services in the coming years.

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