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Bigger Tax Base For Schools, Municipalities, County

November 27th, 2020

Potter County Tax Assessment Office has added nearly $2.3 million to the county’s tax base in 2020, due in large part to field work taking place across the county to locate new construction and property improvements. Chief Assessor Jacob Ostrom reported that the county’s real estate tax base increase represents approximately $7 million in added market value. Real estate taxes levied by school districts, boroughs, townships and the county government are applied to a property’s assessed value. As a result of the tax base additions, the county government will receive an estimated $42,260 more in real estate taxes this year. School districts and municipalities will also see higher tax revenue.

Ostrom’s job grew harder several years ago when the state legislature eliminated the position of township and borough tax assessor. In prior years, these elected officials were responsible for finding and reporting new construction and improvements. Today, the Assessment Office relies primarily on building permit records and visual inspections to update tax records.

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