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State Seeks Partner To Operate Denton Hill State Park

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State Parks Director John Hallas today announced the Pa. Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) is seeking proposals to operate a downhill ski and four-season recreation center at Denton Hill State Park in Potter County. The park includes a downhill ski area that has been closed since the winter of 2014. A new master plan for the park includes infrastructure improvements to the ski area and positions a concessionaire to grow recreational opportunities in all four seasons, Hallas said. DCNR is committing $10 million in capital improvements to support the implementation of a master plan for the park.

The operator would lease approximately 700 acres and work with DCNR to create a year-round park operation with a winter mountain recreation focus, Hallas said. The design phase of this project will coincide with the award of a concession lease agreement. DCNR intends that the selected concessionaire will work with it to help identify and prioritize improvements during the design process. Proposals are due by July 9.

Find more information about the Denton Hill State Park master plan on the DCNR website.