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Commissioners Seek Volunteers For Boards, Authorities

March 31st, 2021 Comments off

Potter County Commissioners Nancy Grupp, Paul Heimel and Barry Hayman continue to seek volunteers willing to serve on any of several county authorities, commissions and advisory boards. In an effort to broaden diversity, geographic representation and background knowledge, the Board of Commissioners periodically issues call for volunteers. Goal is to build a roster of qualified individuals who have a willingness to serve. As vacancies arise or incumbents’ terms expire, the commissioners will rely on that these rosters to determine potential appointees for agencies such as:

Potter County Planning Commission. Administers subdivision and land use/development regulations; countywide comprehensive plan; regional advocacy on transportation funding priorities and other initiatives; GIS services; reliable resource/liaison for township and borough governments.

Potter County Redevelopment Authority. Economic development; support services for business and industry; administration of federal/state grants and loans for economic development.

Potter County Housing Authority. Administration of programs meeting needs for safe, healthy and affordable housing.

Potter County Human Services. Multiple advisory boards to guide administrators on meeting local social service needs.

Potter County Solid Waste Authority. Operation of transfer station/recycling center in Gold; administration of state-approved solid waste management/flow ordinance. A vacancy currently exists on the authority.

Potter County Hospital Authority. Public agency assisting UPMC Cole in acquisition of funds for capital improvements and implementation of long-term planning objectives.

Farmland Preservation Board. Responsible for purchase of development rights to preserve agricultural land.

Local Emergency Planning Committee. Coordinates activities of firefighters, emergency medical services, fire police and related responders; liaison with Potter County Department of Emergency Services for training, funding opportunities, drills/exercises to test preparedness.

Those wishing to be considered for appointment should contact Danielle Gietler, executive secretary to the Potter County Commissioners, at 814-274-8290, ext. 207 or

Commissioners Establish Blight Reduction Fund

March 8th, 2021 Comments off

Potter County has launched a program to reduce the number of blighted properties in local communities. Commissioners Nancy Grupp, Barry Hayman and Paul Heimel last week adopted an ordinance to establish a blight reduction fund.

Borough and township governments across Pennsylvania have targeted removal of abandoned and uninhabitable buildings as a step toward revitalization. However, they lack the funds to carry out their plans. Potter County’s draft ordinance applies a fee of $15 for each deed and mortgage filing. The revenue will be used to support local governments that seek to remove blighted structures.

Blighted properties are not only unsightly, but they also pose health and safety hazards and reduce neighboring property values. Pa. Act 152 of 2016 authorizes county commissioners to establish the fee schedule and blight reduction account. Commissioner Hayman spearheaded the project in Potter County. He conferred with other counties that have established a fund and conducted further research. He pointed out that blight reduction is among the goals established in the Potter County Comprehensive Plan 2020-29.

A copy of the ordinance is posted on the county website here, on the commissioners page accessed under the “Departments” tab.