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County To Establish 2020 Census ‘Complete Count Committee’

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Preliminary field work for the 2020 U.S. census in Potter County is well underway and temporary jobs are being filled. This week, county officials met with a regional census official to work on strategies geared toward assuring that every Potter County citizen is counted. Heather Conrad (right), a partnership specialist with the U.S. Census Bureau, conferred with (from left) Planning Director Will Hunt and Commissioners Paul Heimel, Doug Morley and Susan Kefover. Conrad offered pointers on forming an effective Complete Count Committee, to be spearheaded by the Board of Commissioners and Director Hunt.

Census numbers have a direct impact on grants, as well as dozens of programs, public works projects and government representation. Data are used to distribute support for education, transportation, health and human services, housing, criminal justice, employment services, farming and environmental protection. According to the Census Bureau, for each uncounted citizen, a county would lose an estimated $20,000 in federal benefits during the decade.

Potter County got a jump-start on the 2020 census. The Planning Department has been working with township and borough officials to support an accurate result. Planning staff has also drawn in the county Emergency Management and Assessment offices to identify new homes and verify mailing addresses. Census questionnaires have been reduced from 10 pages to 10 questions. Forms will be mailed to area residents in early 2020.¬†They can respond online or by phone. Census-takers’ non-response follow-ups will begin in May. At the same time, the U.S. Census Bureau is beginning to add staff. First in a series of local fairs was held recently at the Gunzburger Building in Coudersport. There will be part-time job opportunities to conduct field work and door-to-door assessments. Anyone interested in potential employment as a manager, crew leader, clerk, census representative or field agent can find information as well as apply for positions online at More information is also by calling toll-free 1-855-562-2020.