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Vietnam Veterans Memorial ‘Moving Wall’ Coming

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Potter County’s Veterans Service Committee has arranged to bring The Moving Wall, a half-size replica of Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., to Potter County this year. Committee members Bill Simpson, Paul Heimel and Dawn Wooster are working on ceremonial elements and other programming for a local “Vietnam Veterans Weekend” that coincides with the wall’s appearance. Plans call for the exhibit to be set up just off Rt. 872 in the county’s Mapleview property, next to the Potter County Veterans Center and American Legion Post 192, from Thursday evening, Sept. 13, through mid-day Monday, Sept. 17, which will be designated as Students Day with appropriate educational programming. The Moving Wall lists the names of the more than 58,000 Americans who were killed in the war. It will be on display 24/7 with guides available to help locate names and other educational exhibits on the grounds. Other events in the planning stages are:

  • Dinner/program to recognize and honor the Vietnam War veterans from Potter County.
  • Memorial ceremony for the nine Potter County men who lost their lives in the Vietnam War.
  • Veterans benefits/services outreach.
  • Veterans Gravestone Restoration Project demonstration.
  • Educational activities in local schools and communities.

Groundwork for Vietnam Veterans Weekend was laid in October when Potter County was accepted as a partner in the Commemoration of the Vietnam War initiative, a project of the U.S. Congress and the Defense Department. To earn the certification, the committee had to commit to a series of steps that will honor and thank Vietnam War veterans and their families.

Local Agencies Receive Overdose Rescue Kits

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Several area police agencies, school districts, emergency responders and other institutions are equipping themselves with an antidote that can reverse the effects of an opiate overdose. Charles Cole Memorial Hospital has been designated by the state as a “central coordinating facility” to distribute life-saving Naloxone to qualified agencies.

Dr. Gary Malacarne, Cole’s director of pharmacy, attended a recent Potter County Criminal Justice Advisory Board meeting to share details and register participants. Naloxone binds itself to the body’s opioid receptors and blocks heroin and certain other drugs from further affecting the victim. Malacarne emphasized that the drug does not pose any threats or side effects.

Cole has received an initial shipment of 60 doses. More will be made available as needed. The hospital’s Emergency Department is the distribution center.