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PILT Hike Will Bring $650,000 More Annually To Potter

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Governor Tom Wolf on Wednesday signed into law a 67-percent increase of the Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) for state forest and park lands. It’s contained in Fiscal Code amendments passed by the legislature as part of the 2016-17 budget approval. The PILT increase will apply to lands currently owned by the Pa. Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) – increasing their total annual PILT amount from the current $3.60 to $6.00 per acre. The increase will take effect on July 1, 2017. Of the new $6.00 PILT per acre on DCNR land, $2.00 will go to the municipality, school district and county where the land is located. While the new PILT increase applies to DCNR land, the $3.60 figure remains in place for property owned by the Pa. Fish & Boat Commission and Pa. Game Commission.  These higher PILT payments will provide significant tax relief to some of Pennsylvania’s most stressed communities, particularly those in rural areas, according to the Pa. State Land Tax Fairness Coalition, which issued this statement: “We express our appreciation to supportive Senate and House members, Governor Wolf, and the many other people — too numerous to mention — who pulled together to make this mission a success. We believe that, in the final analysis, dedicated elected officials who became aware of our plight over the past two-plus years pulled together in a bipartisan manner to advance this PILT increase because they recognized that it was the right thing to do. “

The higher PILT translates into an additional $650,000 annually coming to Potter County’s school districts, townships and the county government itself. Potter County Planning/GIS Director Will Hunt has prepared maps and charts showing the increased revenue each taxing body will receive. Shown at left is the school district map (click on image twice to make it larger). Austin Area School District will receive $269,000 under the new formula, which is a $127,600 increase from the current PILT. Galeton Area School District is slated to receive $122,226 annually, up from the current $73,335. Coudersport Area School District will see a $38,000 annual increase. Northern Potter will receive another $18,000. The county government will get a $216,420 increase from the current annual payments. A breakdown of municipal payments can be found in the map at right (click on image twice).